Repertoire Selection for Children: Amanda Stevenson, Children’s Choir R & R

Watching the faces of our singers as choral repertoire becomes part of them is one of the great joys of being a conductor. The integration of musical meaning and human understanding can only occur if we provide participants with quality repertoire that is developmentally appropriate. Selecting the appropriate repertoire for an ensemble to support effective study and meaningful performance is one of the most important jobs of a music educator. Before selecting repertoire, you must know where your students are musically and where you would like for them to be after the performance. In this blog post, I’ll approach the task of choosing choral music for children by considering several different factors.

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Justice Choir: A Movement and a Resource

For centuries, music has played a pivotal role in social and political movements. From the Civil Rights movement in the United States, to the anti-apartheid movement of South Africa, to the “Singing Revolution” of the Baltic states, music has been a powerful force to unite, propel, disrupt, and change.

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Music Education Mentoring: Tyler Buglewicz-District 2 East

In light of some proposed new projects by our NCDA organization, I’m very excited to share my opinions on the idea of something we all need, but are often afraid to ask for: mentorship, or simply the idea of being supported by reliable professionals within our very specific profession of music education.

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Inspired by Our Journey/Vocal Health by Dr. Allen Hightower

Nebraska Choral Directors,

Thank you for having me as a guest at your conference.  I have really enjoyed my time with you all, connecting with a few old friends and making a number of new friends as well.

I have say that I was truly inspired last night to hear Marjorie Simons-Bester speak about her teacher and mentor, Jim Elsberry.  Marjorie, your passionate words have inspired what I will share today.

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Greetings: Randy Hayes (District 5)

This second semester has been very busy with numerous choral opportunities for directors and students in District 5 in which to participate. In January, NCDA sponsored a Sing Around Nebraska event for young singers and North Platte hosted the event.

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Sing We Joyfully Unto God: Jason Horner (Worship R&R)

The 12th Annual Church Choir Festival, chaired and organized by Greg Zielke, was hosted at Presbyterian Church of the Cross in Omaha under the leader ship of Kristi Treu, and co-sponsored by five churches to support worship music and benefit the OPEN DOOR MISSION of Omaha.  read more

All-State Show Choir Results

Nebraska Choral Directors Association

2018 Nebraska All-State Show Choir Information


The Nebraska Choral Directors Association proudly announces the selection of the 2018 Nebraska All-State Show Choir!

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Collaboration, Not Separation: Tori Klaus (District 4)

You’re watching someone else’s choir and think, “Why can’t my choir sound like that?” You brood in your jealousy and continue on with your teaching style. Life goes on and nothing changes.

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Conductor’s Message for Audience: Dr. Clark Roush (Guest Blog Post)

Conductor’s Message for Program

Thank you for attending tonight’s performance! I feel evenings like this are critical to the survival of the best parts of our humanity. Our culture is obsessed with competition, cynicism, greed, technology, and violence. These are not the best parts of us! Tonight we offer a different voice. One that radiates artistry, beauty, community, grace, inspiration, passion, reflection, and truth. I believe these are the best parts of who we are. read more

Teaching K-12 Vocal Music: Alex Hoefling (District 2 West Representative)

Many of the vocal music educators in the state of Nebraska find themselves in a K-12 teaching assignment. Too often we overlook the immense joy of teaching K-12 Vocal Music! We are responsible for: enhancing our programs, building our programs, sustaining our programs, and most importantly surviving our hectic school year! The burden can seem heavy, but through thoughtful: opportunities, vision, collaboration, and keen organizing it can be accomplished and lead one to a successful vocal music program.

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