The NCDA Legacy Fund is designed to support choral directors and music majors seeking opportunities for professional growth.


Legacy Grants

Possible uses for the NCDA Legacy Grant

NCDA Summer Conference

ACDA National Conference

Student ACDA Membership

Bring a mentor/clinician to your school.

Legacy Donors


Conductor ($500 – $999)

Jim Hejduk
In Memory of Rev. Henry A. Vieth by Rhonda Fuelberth (Vieth) and Family
In Memory of Bill Lynn by Don Peters
Sing Around Columbus Festival 2009
NCDA 2015 Summer Conference

Benefactor ($250 – 499)

Lyn Bouma
Thomas Ediger
Franklin Mills
Jon Peterson
Cornell Runestad
Rita Stinner
In Memory of Christina L. Kaup by Deb Kaup
NCDA 2008 Summer Conference
NCDA 2014 Summer Conference
NCDA 2016 Summer Conference

Patron ($100 – $249)

In Memory of Bill Lynn by Dan P. Hays
Jim Elsberry
E. J. Gardner
Don Goodrich
Wes Hansmeyer
Dan Hays
Robin Koozer
Roger MacNeill
Ray Miller
Donald Moore
Richard Palmer
Don Peters
Dwaine Price
Don Reimer
Fred Ritter
Sharon Smith
Paul Swanson
Gene Wagner
In Honor of Cornell Runestad’s Birthdays by Kurt and Carly Runestad
In Memory of Robert Fountain by Jim Hejduk
In Honor of Doane College’s Doublewide 2014 NMEA Performance by Tom Trenney
In Memory of Henry Vieth by Kurt Runestad and Matthew Harden
NCDA 2009 Summer Conference
NCDA 2011 Summer Conference
NCDA 2012 Summer Conference
NCDA 2013 Summer Conference

Supporter ($50-$99)

Stacie Blackmore
Tom Doran
Matthew Harden
Linda Johnson
Suzanne Philippi
AJ Reimer
Sandi Swanson
Judy Vrbka
William A. Wyman
Mary Wherry York
In Honor of Roger MacNeill by Glenda Ward

Contributor ($25 – 49)

Phil Boehr
Sara Cowan
Morgan Lyn Harms
Shirley Heine
Madonna Kardell
Shelly Niewohner
Erin Rodgers
Norm Regier
Judy Vrbka
In Honor of Cornell Runestad’s Birthday by Eric Runestad
NCDA Conference 2010


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