Sing Around Nebraska


SAN Audition & Opus Event FAQ’s

Link to Tracks: CLICK HERE

TO: All Elementary and Middle School Music Specialists in Nebraska

FROM: Janette Kammerer, Elementary Repertoire and Standards Chair,         Nebraska Choral Director’s Association

Work: (308) 535-7134
(308) 386-6151

WHAT: Biannual SING AROUND NEBRASKA FESTIVAL – for singers in grades 4-5-6

HOW: The music teacher in each school may select 2-10 students from grades 4-6 to participate in the festival, using these guidelines: (If there is more than one music teacher in your school, each music teacher may select singers).

  1. Student must be able to sing on pitch consistently.
  2. Student must maintain a musical part.
  3. Student must be willing to spend extra time learning and memorizing music before the festival.
  4. Student must exhibit self-discipline.
  5. Student must sing in the treble vocal range.


To provide students with an exciting and quality choral experience with other students from their festival area.

To provide an opportunity for honor music students who are ready for more challenging music to work with a guest clinician.

To provide music teachers an opportunity to observe and learn from the clinician working with the students, and to share with other teachers.

To sing quality children’s choral repertoire, and help districts build a music library of such music.

SITES: (***Hopefully more sites will be added)

*Kearney, February 22, 2020, Merryman Performing Arts Center (200 Students)

*North Platte, January 18, 2020 – North Platte High School  (150 students)

*Central City, February 15, 2020 – Central City Performing Arts Center (150 Students)

*Holdrege, February 22, 2020 – Holdrege Public Schools (80 students)

*Imperial, February 1, 2020 – Chase County High School

*Ainsworth, February 15, 2020 – Ainsworth Public Schools (150 students)

*Lincoln, February 8, 2020 –  First Plymouth Church (120 students)

*Bayard, February 8, 2020 – Bayard Public Schools

*Grand Island, February 8, 2020

REPERTOIRE FOR SING AROUND NEBRASKA FESTIVALS:                              (SAN 2020 Festival Choirs)

  1. A Joyful Song, 2 part, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Heritage Music Press
  2. Duel, 2 part, Cristi Cary Miller, Hal Leonard
  3. In This Ancient House (Momoshiki ya), 2 part Ruth MorrisGray, Heritage Music Press
  4. Sisi ni moja, 2 part (SA),Jacob Narverud, Santa Barbara Music Publishing
  5. Starlight, Starbright, 2 part,Pete Seeger, arranged by Susan Brumfield
  6. Wynken, Blynken and Nod, 2 part (SA), Benjamin Kornelis, Hal Leonard

*It is expected that each school district purchases the music to be used and kept on file for use within their district. (The desired goal is to help build libraries of quality music in our elementary schools.) We request that all copyright laws be observed. Students must bring their music to the Festival day. The Musician’s Choice has all of the music in stock if you would like to order from them. Please note: you will need to order by mail, phone or fax.  They DO NOT have a website.  All of the music is on hand and will be sent as soon as they get the order.

The Musician’s Choice  

1603 NE 100th CT
Kansas City, MO 64155

TEL: 816-781-9700
FAX: 816-781-3299

Accompaniment tracks will be done by ChoralTracks.  Teachers will be given access to the tracks when they become available. They will come in a “DROPBOX” format. You will be able to make copies and share with your students.

Registering Students:

We will be using the OPUS website to register students for SAN 2020. The website will hopefully be up and running soon. The fee for SAN has changed a little due to using Choraltracks for our accompaniments.  Non NCDA members will pay $40 and Members of NCDA will pay $35 per students.  This includes Festival fees and concert t-shirts.