Monthly Archives: January 2018

Teaching K-12 Vocal Music: Alex Hoefling (District 2 West Representative)

Many of the vocal music educators in the state of Nebraska find themselves in a K-12 teaching assignment. Too often we overlook the immense joy of teaching K-12 Vocal Music! We are responsible for: enhancing our programs, building our programs, sustaining our programs, and most importantly surviving our hectic school year! The burden can seem heavy, but through thoughtful: opportunities, vision, collaboration, and keen organizing it can be accomplished and lead one to a successful vocal music program.

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An Interview with Andrea Ramsey: Sara Cowan (Women’s R&R)

I’ve been captivated by the music of Andrea Ramsey for some time.  I find the texts she chooses to be particularly compelling, and the music she writes is beautiful and complex while accessible for young singers. I have attended sessions she gave at national ACDA conferences and I’ve always been impressed.