Monthly Archives: August 2017

Relationships In and Out of the Classroom: Lacey Franzen (District 1W)

It seems to be contagious. One administrator starts talking and sharing; the ESU gives the same idea, then districts jump into the game. The buzz words surrounding building relationships and creating more than just a classroom where kids spend much of their year listening and learning are all around. Now, a buzz phrase it may be, but building relationships with those that walk through the doors must be the primary focus of the vocal music room these beginning weeks of the school year. Without relationships in place, students are not going to care what they are singing, or for that matter, want to learn at all. It is the director’s job to start the ball rolling.

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Worship Music Summer Conference Presentation: Jason Horner (Worship R&R)

Below are the notes from my Presentation at this past summer’s conference. If you are interested in the full PowerPoint presentation which includes videos, please email me.

NCDA Summer Conference Improving our craft and community, Worship Interest Session- July 2017

For the Beauty of Worship: Selecting, preparing, and performing choral music in worship

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